The 6 Best Potato Vodkas for Cocktails and Sipping

Finding a good potato vodka is more difficult than you might think. Potatoes can produce impurities during fermentation, so spirits made from the tubers typically need to be repeatedly distilled, which makes for fairly flavor-free bottlings. But when done right, potato vodka can be smoother and sweeter than its grain-based cousins. Plus, it’s perfect for those who are gluten intolerant.

Potato vodka is very popular in Eastern Europe where the main ingredient is plentiful and inexpensive, but there’s a solid handful of stateside distilleries producing the tuber-based spirit as well. Here, six of the best potato vodkas on the market right now.

Luksusowa ($16)

If you’re shopping for a wallet-friendly potato vodka that doesn’t drink like lighter fluid, look no further than this ultra-smooth Polish vodka. Great as a mixer in drinks like Screwdrivers and Vodka-Cranberries, it’s the perfect everyday vodka for any home bar.

Though it’s considered a mid-range option, this family-owned distillery has been beating out premium brands in spirits competitions for years. The potato bottling is wonderfully creamy and mild, and pairs with everything from potato chips to caviar (which you can afford since you only spent $30 on booze). It’s extremely easy drinking with very little burn on the finish, making it perfect for sipping solo or mixing into a Vodka Martini.

This Colorado-based company distills its vodka from its own, locally grown potatoes. Distilled just once to highlight the spirit’s natural flavors, it’s round, warm and earthy. Although you can’t find it everywhere, Woody Creek retails at lots of bars and liquor stores throughout the United States and is worth seeking out.

The Souza family has been farming sweet potatoes in California’s San Joaquin Valley for almost 100 years. When David John Souza took over the family business, he decided to experiment with new ways to enjoy the crop, and Corbin Sweet Potato Vodka was born. It takes more than 10 pounds of the tubers to make just one bottle of the pot-still distilled spirit, and the result is a buttery, fruit-forward vodka that’s neutral enough for classic cocktails, with just enough sweetness to sip on the rocks.

Barry Young and C. Prentiss Orr—the founders of the Pennsylvania-based Boyd & Blair Vodka—sign each bottle of their small batch vodka before it goes to market. They opened Boyd & Blair distillery eight years ago in a glass factory—where their bottles are now manufactured—after winning an agricultural grant to help potato farmers find new ways to sell their product. Their spirit is full of flavor and has a complex sweetness that goes down smooth, whether you sip it on the rocks or mix it into cocktails like White Russians.

Not only does Simple Vodka have a clean, smooth taste that works well in virtually any cocktail, one of their main missions is to give back to the community. Simple Vodka is distilled from locally-sourced (within 40 miles of the distillery) russet potatoes and made with water drawn from the Snake River Aquifer. The brand has also partnered with local and national hunger relief organizations to donate 20 meals for every bottle of vodka sold, so you can truly feel good about drinking this spirit.