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What Your Favorite Bourbon Says About You

Bourbon drinkers are some of the most brand-loyal drinkers out there. Because if you love bourbon, you don’t just love bourbon; you’re a Bulleit guy or Four Roses gal. And your bourbon of choice says a lot about who you are—more than just the fact that you are maybe a little afraid to branch out and try something new. (You really should, starting with this list.) Here, what your favorite bourbon says about you.


You’re rustic-chic with a penchant for the occasional backwoods adventure. Much like Bulleit’s sleek design, you ooze effortless cool and probably own a very nice bar cart (either Restoration Hardware or a very good flea market find). But you also have a tempered outdoorsy side, which you indulge with annual camping trips (somewhere between actual camping and glamping) and summer nights around firepits sitting in bespoke Adirondack chairs.

Wild Turkey

You’re easy going but down to dress up on occasion. Like Wild Turkey’s new creative director, Matthew McConaughey, you’ll happily swig back some 101-proof bourbon like it’s no big deal, but you also look great in a tux sipping an Old Fashioned made with the brand’s upscale label, Russell’s Reserve.

Jim Beam

You’re an old school traditionalist who always gets their way. If you’re drinking Jim Beam, you’re drinking one of the O.G. bourbons—one that is readily available pretty much anywhere you go, from a dive bar, to an airport bar, to a high-end cocktail bar.

Rebel Yell

It’s right there in the name: You’re a rebel. You look those fancy bourbons right in their fancy labels and you say, “nah.” Then you grab your bottle of Rebel Yell by the neck, twist off its plastic cap and take a long, hard pull. Afterward, you pick up your torn up leather jacket, adjust your lip piercing and strut out the door, like the rebel you are.

Four Roses

You’re refined and delicate, but you definitely have an edge. If someone knocks over your Julep without offering to replace it, you’ll come at them with everything you have—which usually means a big hat or stiff pocket square. And those Juleps can quickly turn to straight Yellow Label on the rocks if your pony doesn’t take home a win.

Maker’s Mark

You’re sweet, caring, and will make a big pitcher of Manhattans to share. Like the honeyed liquor beneath that iconic red, dripping wax seal, you are always welcome at a party because you always bring something delicious and extra boozy. You’re a fountain of joy—a whiskey fountain of joy.

Buffalo Trace

You can be found sitting by a river, trading swigs of Buffalo Trace and craft brews, while snacking on a platter of quality cheeses. At least, that’s where you are in your mind at all times. You’re a daydreamer, sipping your Buffalo on one giant rock, fantasizing about the pine-scented life you were meant to lead while you sit in an urban speakeasy.

Pappy Van Winkle

You’re down to earth and all about saving your money for a rainy day. Just kidding, of course. You’re either packed with cash and not afraid to spend it, or you’re a time traveler from the 1990s when the rare bourbon was somewhat plentiful and much more affordable. Either way, we’d love to hang out with you.


You’re discerning, smooth and just slightly left of center. Like easy-drinking, surprisingly affordable Blanton’s and its grenade-shaped bottled, you aren’t the most popular kid in town, but when people get to know you, they love you immediately. And if they don’t adore you the second you start talking, they will when you pay for their steak with all that money you saved buying Blanton’s instead of Pappy.


You’re powerful and quiet, the always-watching friend who waits for just the right moment to drop the perfect quip. Like this small batch, cask strength selection from Jim Beam (which is uniquely bottled in a wine-style vessel), you are a silent force, who might seem harmless at first. But just wait until you drum up that mic-drop-worthy slam.

Elijah Craig

You’re a straight up history buff who prefers books to people (unless they’re people recommending good books). But whiskey’s right up there with books, especially if it’s this whiskey, named for the man who pioneered aging whiskey in charred oak barrels. Oh, you’d like to be left alone with your bourbon? Shocking.


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