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6 Decadent Chocolate-Flavored Spirits To Buy Now

Patron Tequila

When you get hit with a craving for chocolate, no other sweet will suffice. Instead of making a mad dash to the nearest convenient store for an overly saccharine candy bar, crack open a bottle of decadent, chocolate-flavored spirit. From chocolate-and chili-infused tequila to raw cacao-infused bourbon, these six flavored spirits will leave any chocolate craving satiated—whether you’re a fan of bittersweet dark, or creamy, milk chocolate goodness.

Prichard’s Double Chocolate Bourbon, $73 for 750mL

Distilled from white corn, rye and wheat, Prichard’s bourbon spends nine years in new American oak at cask strength before it’s brought down to proof, then returned to the barrels for an additional three to five years. When the spirit is bottle-ready, it’s infused with Olive and Sinclair Chocolate Co’s single-origin cacao beans. On the palate, the whiskey has notes of rich toffee, leather and vanilla, with a strong, bitter, raw cacao flavor on the finish. Even though Prichard’s has an abundance of chocolatey flavors, we were caught off guard with how dry, tannic and robust the spirit is. Curl up with a glass in front of a warm, crackling fire when the next snowstorm hits.

Bird Dog Chocolate Flavored Whiskey, $18 for 750mL

Featuring a base of Kentucky bourbon—made from corn, malted barley and rye—this whiskey is aged in charred American oak barrels and infused with natural chocolate flavoring. On the palate, it has a mellow corn sweetness, a hint of white pepper from the rye, and a luscious, milk chocolate flavor. Sip it on the rocks with a slice of warm pecan pie after you gorge yourself on fatty barbeque.

360 Double Chocolate Vodka, $15 for 750mL

We’ve been absolutely wild about 360’s Double Chocolate Vodka ever since our first sip of the flavored spirit. Distilled from American grains and infused with a natural chocolate flavoring, it’s the boldest, most decadent chocolate-flavored spirit that we’ve ever tasted—each sip is like biting into a chocolate truffle or a rich, flourless chocolate cake. While it’s easy to sip straight, this flavored vodka works wonders in cocktails and can be used in just about any drink that needs a chocolatey edge.

Kings County Chocolate Whiskey $25 for a 200ml

Produced at the Kings County Distillery—which was the first Brooklyn distillery to open since Prohibition—this flavored whiskey is loaded with rich cacao flavor. To make this delectable spirit, the distillers at Kings County infuse their raw, unaged moonshine with cacao husks left over from nearby Mast Brothers’ chocolate-making process. Rather than being sweet and syrupy, this infused moonshine is earthy and subtly-bitter with a robust, dark chocolate richness on the finish. Sip it straight, shoot it as a chocolatey-substitute to Fireball, or mix it into classics like the Old Fashioned.

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Tempus Fugit Spirits Crème de Cacao, $35 for 750mL

Based on a 19th century recipe, this chocolate liqueur is distilled from and infused with the finest Venezuelan cacao beans. After the raw cacao is fermented and distilled, the distillate is then infused with additional cacao and crushed Mexican vanilla beans. On the palate, the liqueur has a syrupy, almost velvety mouthfeel. First sips yield predominate notes of cacao butter, dark chocolate, molasses and vanilla. Because it’s super saccharine, this spirit is best served with seltzer or in classics like Brian Miller’s 19th Century Cocktail—a decadently dark variation on the Twentieth Century that mixes bourbon and crème de cacao.

Patron XO Café Incendio, $26 for 750mL

This fiery update on Patrón’s XO Café features the addition of Criollo chocolate—a high-quality version made from a rare, almost extinct genus of cacao beans—and arbol chili peppers. With a base of Patrón Silver tequila, this liqueur has an amalgam of peppery heat and decadent dark chocolate flavors on the palate with a long, lingering chili finish. As it’s the perfect addition to spiked-hot chocolates, Chocolate Martinis and Espresso Martinis, we’re not even mad that winter is coming.