How to Drink Fireball Like a Grown-Up

You don’t have to give up your favorite cinnamon whisky just because you are gracefully approaching your 30s. True lovers of Fireball know that when it comes to slaying the dragon, age is just a number. What does change over time, however, is how you drink it. That’s right. As you and your palate evolve, you may find you no longer want to gulp down shot after shot. Fortunately for you, there are many other ways to enjoy Fireball well into adulthood. Here are five ways to drink Fireball like a grown-up.

Drink It for Dessert

Fireball is cinnamon whisky, after all. It’s sweeter and thicker than your average whisky, which makes it a delicious base for dessert cocktails. One of the most popular is the Cinnamon Toast Crunch, made with Fireball, Rumchata and Kahlua. The coffee-tinged, White Russian-esque drink is a perfect treat-yourself nightcap (feel free to come up with your own, more suitably grown-up name for it, like Spiced Russian or Firechata). If creamy cocktails aren't your style, try it mixed with Stoli Vanilla and apple juice for an apple pie cocktail that tastes just like the all-American classic itself.

Heat It up

Fireball is called Fireball for a reason―it burns. But it’s a good burn, like a stick of Big Red gum or hot cinnamon Altoids. So play into it, and heat up a Fireball cocktail. The best way to do so is in a hot Fireball Apple Cider. Garnish with a cinnamon stick, and you’ll wonder why you haven’t been drinking these your whole life.


Sip It in a New Old Fashioned

Before you wince at the thought of a Fireball Old Fashioned, hear us out. Fireball is a boundary-pushing whisky that requires an equally boundary-pushing Old Fashioned recipe. An orange peel and sugar cube won’t stand up to Fireball’s full-throttle cinnamon flavor. So instead, opt for three parts orange juice, three parts Fireball, and one part maple syrup (good maple syrup). The end result is nowhere near as delicate or petite as your typical Old Fashioned, but it’s surprisingly balanced and very sippable.

Cure a Cold With It

As you get older, your go-to cure for the common cold evolves from chicken soup into Hot Toddies. The next time you feel the sniffles coming on, try swapping out your standard bourbon for Fireball; the tried and true combination of cinnamon and honey works wonders. Add half an ounce of apple cider, toss in an apple peel for good measure, and kiss that cold goodbye.

Make Sangria With It

Nothing is more easily adapted than a pitcher of Sangria. For your Fireball Sangria, chop up some Fireball-friendly citrus fruits like blood oranges, apples and navel oranges, and toss them into a pitcher with one-third cup of Fireball, three-quarters cup of apple juice and a whole cup of red wine (skip the brandy). You’ll be drinking Sangria like an adult, but still partying with the dragon like you always have.