MODA rolls out an awesome three-month skateboard art exhibit

Taking your mind off the daily grind and focusing it on the much cooler ones that kids in tight jeans do on rails: MODA's 3mo study of skateboard art and culture, which'll include parties, installations, and over 250 art-enhanced decks you'll kickflip your sh*t for. What to expect:

  • Influential boards arranged chronologically from the mid-'70s on, with info like artist, year, and cultural importance on scannable QR codes
  • A 12ft totem pole of ragged-out boards -- they'll give you a sticker to put on it, then, naturally, release a time-lapse vid of everyone slapping the pole
  • A street course outside MODA for an 11a opening day parade, with food trucks plus a performance by pro skate team 5BORO NYC, who can reportedly all do ollies
  • A free W Midtown afterparty with a pop-up skate park, teen DJ phenom Kidd Koby Roc, drinks named after famous boardsmiths (Dyrdek Martini?), and vintage docs projected on Whiskey Park's glass walls

For National Skateboarding Day (June 21st, duh) they're taking their talents to Dunwoody's Brook Run Skate Park, where live demos and prize giveaways'll be emceed by ATL skate legend Load, a guy so cool that -- totally unprovoked -- he'd likely do a finger flip and tell your pop to shove it.