Play our sweet Longhorns trivia game -- it's based on a book!

A cloud's fallen on UT football lately, so remember better days by taking this trivia challenge based on Game of My Life: a hardcover compiled by two dudes from that focuses on 23 Longhorn greats' first-hand accounts of their most memorable games

Here are your questions. Click through for the answers, and you'll find shocking info on everybody from '60s linebackers to 2000s QBs who see a cloud, and only want to make it rain

1. What football innovation did Darrell Royal oppose almost as much as he presumably opposed marijuana and various other recreational drugs? (Answer here

2. According to proto-wishbone fullback Steve Worster, Texas players wore helmets on the bench during 1969's Game of the Century because redneck Arkansas fans were doing what terribly stupid thing? (Answer here

3. For what totally non-football reason did Ricky Williams nearly leave UT after his junior year? (Answer here

4. What two teams was linebacker Tommy Nobis drafted by? (Answer here

5. How many receiving touchdowns did Earl Campbell have in college? (Answer here

6. How goddamn fast was two-time All-American Jerry Gray? (Answer here

7. What was Roosevelt Leaks' most impressive accomplishment? (Answer here

8. What was Vince Young's secret hope in the USC game? (Answer here)