Wait 'til you see the straddle back pose

Everyone knows there are tons of benefits to yoga, from stress reduction, to weight loss, to improved flexibility, to the joy of dangling from a harness several feet off the ground as all the blood rushes to your head and you can't remember whether your groin ever didn't feel like it was going to snap.That's right, it's aerial yoga! To get an idea what that's all about -- and to ogle girls doing weird things with their bodies -- check out this photo spread taken at Four Elements, a naturally lit downtown loft built in the 1880s, whose ceiling's been reinforced with steel beams in order to accommodate the silk hammocks used to reproduce traditional poses in mid-air. Click through to see the ladies perform their moves, and even though this isn't sauna-like Bikram or a Van Halen video, you might end up hot for teacher.