Plenty of strikes, no spare razors

Much like a grizzly beard, once a city reaches a certain size there's bound to be some forgotten treasures held within, so it's only fitting that the Austin Facial Hair Club is dusting off the Saengerrunde Bowling Club -- TX's oldest operating, est. 1904 -- for this Saturday's Bowling for Beards: a boozy tourney you should sign a team up for whether you're whiskered warriors or clean-shaven strikers (spectators both hirsute and not are also welcome).Your ticket will include NXNW brews (also: SBC's Natty Light tap!) and hot dogs from Frank, and your team will face off for an awesome trophy against the likes of the above-pictured "McKrakens", comprised of Trevor Rathbone (who's working on a blue collar bowling documentary), Tom Spalding of Live Oak Barbecue, and Trevin Cox from Shangri-La. To give you a sense of what you'll be getting into, we shot those guys clowning around the Saengerrunde -- check out the pics, they're real treasures.