The ultimate place to throw frisbee

Disc jockeys more interested in rocking par than rocking the party should check out the newly opened Roy G. Guerrero Disc Golf Course: Austin's first frisbee golf construction project in 20yrs, spearheaded by members of Waterloo Disc Golf Club and a course designer formerly ranked the #10 shooter in the world (the first nine are McGavin)

The 50-acre site off Pleasant Valley was a concrete plant in the '60s, then became overgrown with invasive species, debris, and homeless camps, which meant 3mil lbs of junk had to be cleared to make way for the 3mi trail connecting a highly technical, tree-heavy mix of par 3s and 4s that's longer than most courses, so get ready to break out your driver, and hope Morgan Freeman's earrings don't snag on a bush

As in "ball golf" each hole has amateur and pro tees, with multiple paths approaching the baskets for standouts like the hole-in-one-able #17 that looks out over Lady Bird Lake, and #7, with an overhanging arboreal canopy that hardcore players (and presumably the local pagan community) refer to as their cathedral

They're planning future upgrades like a putting green, as well as regular tournaments scheduled through Waterloo DGC, who, just like the record store, know a few things about spinning plastic.