A lacrosse haven in Lakeview

Lacrosse is an exciting sport with many elements, requiring you to cradle the stick, attack the crease, unload balls past the goalie, and even some stuff that ISN'T going on at your awesome frat party. You get so laid, brah! Gear up to rip some twine, at The Lax Shop.

From a former HS All-American and current coach who saw the sport's increasing popularity in the Chicago area, TLS is the city's first retailer that's all lacrosse, all the least since that one dude way overestimated the profitability of a store selling western Wisconsin. Beyond stocking a nearly inconceivable spread of gear from top brands (Warrior, Maverik, Flow Society...), they let you get a feel for it all thanks to a somehow-more-than-just-a-regular "throwback wall", as well as a shooting cage equipped with a radar gun, though it's hard to believe anyone's still harboring that kind of resentment about the end of M*A*S*H. They'll also do custom string jobs in whatever alignment or color you please, as all of the store's employees have acquired the experience of serving as a team "stick doctor", aka, Dr. Feelgoods.

For those with a fear of commitment, they'll soon be rolling out an equipment rental program, although cradling another dude's stick off the field is only OK if it's part of initiation.