Fun with jogging and zombies

A zombie-themed fitness run presents an interesting paradox: the more you train, the more delicious your calves look. Plus, the more you consider things like "paradoxes", the bigger and juicier your brain gets. So just get out there and hope for the best, at Run For Your Lives

An obstacle-ridden 5K where blood-drenched "zombies" will desperately chase you the entire way, the run's set just north of Red Rocks at a Lakewood motocross track, so it's already seen its fair share of Monster Energy (ooo wha-ah ah-ah!). So yeah, those zombies are actually just costumed volunteers who've been instructed to not actually touch you at all, save for ripping away the three "health flags" you'll have wrapped around your waist -- fail to finish without all three, and you won't be eligible for a "survival medal"/ "time-based prizes". Whilst avoiding the army of undead, you'll have to conquer 12 obstacles arranged throughout the course, which range from a maze with walls made of black cloth, to a "Smoke House" where runners'll brave a "dark, smoky building", to a "blood pit", which takes a rare type indeed

And should you make it through without significant bodily harm/embarrassment, stick around afterwards for the Apocalypse Party, with 12 bands, food, and enough booze to ensure you won't even be close to thinking about anything weighty enough to pulp up your brain

Photo by Billie Weiss