Your private mountain now has snow

Ever dreamed of being a big enough mogul to own your own moguls? Well, now Three Forks Ranch is getting you one step closer by letting you ski a mountain you'll essentially have to yourself. The 200000-acre resort (just 40mi north of Steamboat on the CO/WY border) has crafted twenty beautiful beginner-to-expert runs which're 1) only accessible by Snowcat (they have four), and 2) only available to guests of their 15 rooms, meaning you'll be able to really stretch out on the trail (note: stretching out before the trail is also a good idea). And just to confirm you're in paradise, you can

Do Other Snowy Things: Even though you'll never actually get tired of skiing this mountain, the resort also offers snowmobiling on 100mi of guided trails, cross country, snowshoeing, sledding/ tubing, ice fishing, and even sleigh rides, just in case your bucket list has a Santa Clause

Unwind: Because prepping for all those Cork 900s can get you all wound up, there's a 6000sqft spa with steam rooms, a gym, two hot tubs, an indoor/ outdoor infinity pool, and gratis massages available with Happy Endings... in that they have wifi, and you can Hulu that show, and it's just sort of adorable

Eat/Drink Up: Oh, and, like a fake high school where you didn't get swirlies, everything's all inclusive, so feel free to run through lobster eggs Benedict for breakfast, rosemary-smoked rib eye for every other meal, and pre-dinner complimentary cocktails/ hors d'oeuvres every evening.

And just in case you can't wait until happy hour, each room's got a booze fridge that's kept well-stocked, just like your savings will have to be if you ever want a shot at actually owning a mountain.