Every Hall of Famer

Published On 03/31/2011 Published On 03/31/2011

There's no higher honor than the Hall of Fame. Actually, the Living Room of Fame might be a bit more exclusive, and if you're invited to use the Walk-In Shower of Fame, wow, you're totally in there. Still, the Hall's pretty sweet. Honoring the honored: Every Hall of Famer

Still in its Mighty Casey stages, EHoF is an ambitious Tumblr that'll see its ATX writer/ waitress/ baseball-fanatic author penciling drawings of all 295 members of Cooperstown's shrine to America's pastime, overeating hitting a ball with a stick. Each drawing's accompanied by word-bubble stats and anecdotes, whether it's outfielder Hugh Duffy, whose manager clearly didn't predict a .324 career average when, upon his 1888 signing, he told him "We already have a batboy"; Big Ed Delahanty, who hit four homers in one game but tragically jumped off Niagara Falls after being kicked off a train for disorderly conduct; or Tigers shortstop Hughie Jennings, who was hit by 287 pitches and who received the ultimate accolade when the New York Journal's Sam Crane called him "A red peony in a field of chrysanthemums" (take that, Gammons). The rest of the best so far run from Dan Brouthers -- whose .423 OPB earned him the right to bring his Irish Setter "Kelly" into the dugout -- to "tough, flinty so-and-so" John McGraw, the infielder-turned-manager Frank Deford praised as "the male version of the whore with a heart of gold", probably because the men underneath him rarely struck out.

EHoF's creator isn't selling the actual drawings that appear on the site (she plans to display them in one sprawling exhibit), but if you've got your own hall to fill, she does take commissions, and'll even do non-Hallers -- like, say, Jose Canseco, whose "of Fame" destination will probably be "Tool Shed".



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