Best motivation for a 5k? Being chased by an undead horde.

There's been a lot of living-dead-related activity about lately, so much so that if you want to top what's already out there you really have to use your... braaaaaiiiiiiins. Enter the Zombie Evacuation Race: an elaborately staged, run-for-your-life 5k complete with 20 surprise obstacles, and set in the training area of an actual army barracks outside of London, whose ironically enlivening components we've broken down by your very favorite movies:The Setup:Army of DarknessNot content with, like, five or six zombies, they're promising over 1000, all of them dolled up by "Hollywood SFX makeup artists and pyrotechnicians", also what you call the studio guys who helped f-f-fool everyone into thinking Joe Elliott had the highest voice ever recorded.The Course:ZombielandAs the kid who invented Facebook and almost went viral says, yes, there are rules, the main ones being that you must cross the finish line "alive" -- i.e., in possession of at least one of two flags tied to your waist, which the zombies will try to steal in lieu of biting -- and if you do find yourself dead, you can resurrect yourself by finding a medical pack.The Zombies:28 Days LaterUnfortunately, these zombies are the fast & quick ones, not the slow shuffling ones, and will chase, climb, drop from trees, and wait in packs to surprise you. They fall under six classifications, from "Military Zombie" to "Scientist Zombie", but not "Rob Zombie", as he was rejected.The Afterparty:Weekend at Bernie'sIf you enjoy partying while dead tired, then hit the post-race shindig, complete with a zombie shooting range, zombie makeup station, plenty of food, and tons of beer, making your braaaaaaiiiiiiiiins less enticing by the pint.