Want free beer <em>for a year</em>?

Because you've always had a thing for awesome trios (and a baby!), check out the first-ever B3: a three-awesome-things-combining charity fundraiser/bike ride (DON'T STOP READING, IT'S ABOUT TO GET AWESOME) for pediatric cancer research that rewards those who raise the most money with ever-increasing levels of free beer (TOLD YOU!).Here's how it works: You'll start by raising as much money as humanly/legally possible in the next 2.5wks, then come June 16th, you'll show up (with your fundraised cash and a bike) at Tony's Darts Away to register and get a $3 brunch of cheese grits, biscuits, and sage gravy-dipped sausage. Once carb-loaded, you'll take an easy-but-lengthy-sounding 16.3mi round-trip ride, stopping at Golden Road Brewing for $1 beers, and ending up with more food and beer specials at hair-physics-defying Mohawk Bend.Here's where it gets super-awesome: The more $$ you raise, the more top-of-the-line craft brew-dogs you get as your reward even if you're too big of a wuss to finish the race, with $50 netting you a sixer, $500 getting you a 12-pack, lunch for two & a ton of swag, and $1000 scoring you free beer for an entire year in the form of a growler a week (OKAY NOW YOU CAN STOP READING AND CLICK!).