Running, booze, and braaaaaiiiiinnnnnssss

Coming to SoCal (Temecula what WHAT!) for the first time this October, Run For Your Lives is a two-day obstacle-filled race/apocalypse-prep course, wherein you'll pay to attempt to outrun a horde of zombies. What? You've got questions? Oh, we've got answers

So, will I be running from zombies for, like, ever?Nope, just for 5k, after which you'll find yourself in a band-and-booze-infested "Safe Zone"

So, these obstacles: what are we talking about?There are 12 total, all top secret 'til race day, but previous runs have included everything from dark, walker-infested houses, to mud puddles, to wide, ladder-like netting that leads into a pool of blood

OK, well, will I wake up to find the streets of London uninhabited and spend days on end killing zombies and trying to get to a safe zone only to see an airplane fly overhead, proving that there is life elsewhere as well?No

OK, well, what's up with these zombies? Are they going to, like, eat me and stuff if they catch me?Nope, they're just going to grab one of your flag-football-style "health" flags

I've gotta be honest with you, being a zombie sounds way more fun than running 3.1 miles.It totally is, which's why you can register to be one of the zombs, which means a "professional transformation", a free t-shirt, and admission to the after-party at the Safe Zone, which, like every "Safe Zone", is now totally full of zombies. Weird

Is there any chance I'll find myself locked up with the dude from Modern Family and the chick from Go and the dude from Pulp Fiction in a mall where I get to shoot Rosie O'Donnell?Dude. No

OK, for serious: what happens if the zombies get all my flags? Do I get a "professional transformation" as well?Actually, yes, although you have to cross the finish line first and won't be awarded any time-based prizes

Let's say the guy from Hot Fuzz and I are just sitting there, watching TV...No.