A new workout that has nothing to do with puppies from the '80s

Keeping your workout from getting old is tough, especially considering you recently sunk all that money into that futuristic thingy with the big strap that just shakes you around for a while. For a new class aimed only at shaking around your workout program, hit Pound.

Started by two aesthetically pleasing female former student-athletes, Pound's a workout class that consists strictly of people giving each other dap takes traditional moves (sit-ups, lunges, etc.), and adds rhythmic bashing via two specially made drum sticks. Each stick's plastic and twice the weight of a normal wood one, but not quite heavy enough to feel like you're lifting weights, and each exercise's timed to a specific track (ranging from Travis Barker-ish rock to inane pop), with single-and double-time thumping throughout, but no Tubthumping throughout, even though you're kind of a Chubby-wumba. The whole sesh lasts 45mins and yields up to 15000 high-speed reps, w/ moves split into four categories, starting with a basic warmup and then running through abs, lunges, a side-to-side thingamobob, and "T&A", which stands for "thighs & a**", so get your mind half-way out of the gutter

Right now, they're just set up at Equinox in WeHo, but on the 15th the class launches at all their locations in the city, whereas you can really only use that big strappy thing when you move your Studebaker out of the garage.