The coolest surfboard ever

In some cases, removing a part can actually make the whole better -- for instance, Genesis was much improved after dropping Peter Gabriel, and Sega Genesis was much improved after dropping Sega Peter GabrielAltered Beast as its bundled game for Sonic. For surfboards made better by the crazy removal of one of their parts, check out The Seaglass Project.Based on "ancient Hawaiian" designs, TSP's a new board just now available to amateurs featuring a major shift in design from traditional boards, which is like the show Glee in every possible way except one: they have no fin. Instead, the boards have two small bumplike shapes (one on either side) that the creator says gives them more flex for easier trickery, and are epoxy'd up using the SLX wet layup method -- so you can pretty much assume your board has showered with George Mikan. For now, they've just got the one style available in two sizes (a short 5'3" number for users under 185lbs, and a 6'2" longboard for Val Kilmer) which they're calling the Tuna, presumably because Bill Parcells is the new face of surfing. Suck on that, much less attractive Kelly Slater! The Seaglass Project's parent company, Global Surf Industries, also sells tons of other water gear ranging from paddles to tees to traditional boards, though feel free to smash the obnoxious fins on those puppies using your own Sledgehammer.