Basically a marathon, on a bike. Just kidding! On a skateboard.

Published On 11/03/2011 Published On 11/03/2011
    Because running a marathon is pretty silly unless you do it balancing a tray of Champagne while dressed as a waiter, The Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon is back in full effect after an initial test run (roll?) last year, now hosting the first-ever World Skateboard Marathon Championships, where you and champs from ‘thons in other cities will longboard through a grueling 26.2mi course around town. The deal:

    • Anyone can sign up, whether they’re a pro, or just a guy who bought a longboard because he thought Howie Long made it, and enjoys supporting his post-football ventures.
    • The seriously long course kicks off at the Adrenalina store and loops through Hallandale Beach's surrounding hoods -- including Atlantic Blvd, Diplomat Country Club, and The Village at Gulfstream Park -- four times, although good luck making it past Burlington Coat Factory even twice without stopping in to buy a Sean John fedora.
    • Top skaters cruise at about 18-20mph, and the best time ever recorded for such an event is 1 hour, 31 minutes, or about the time it takes to pick out the right Sean John fedora...there’re just so many great ones!
    • There's a very handsome $30k payout to the winner, who will likely not be very handsome himself after skateboarding 26.2 continuous miles.

    There’s also a two-mile course for beginners and kids on which you can use any board, and you can easily watch the mayhem go down at spectator spots scattered throughout the course. But that's not it! Expect a massive expo village with tons of for-sale new gear, professional demos on shortboards and go pads from Paul Hurtado, a live DJ, and a nifty device that simulates surfing called a FlowRider -- which, if it's anything like your regular surfing, will leave you Low.



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