Run, pound rum, repeat

A wise man once said "if you run, make sure you're running towards something", but until now nobody realized that something was booze. Meet the Rumrunner Run 5K: a Dec 8 race at Islamorada's Postcard Inn at Holiday Isle Resort that quite awesomely makes rum-based drinks the key motivator

The course winds through Whale Harbor Bridge, Theater of the Sea, and PCI Holiday Isle, all of which you'll barely even notice given the entire route is lined with stations that sub out the very popular 10-K Thirst Quencher for glasses of Rum Runners from Island Grill, Whale Harbor & Hog Heaven, which you're meant to down before you hurl... yourself through the finish line at the Swiss Family Robinson-esque Rum Runners Island Bar. Oh, and when you do, you'll also be greeted with a full-sized drink on the spot. Exercise rules!

If you're still standing, hit the afterparty to eat a highly traditional post-race meal of oysters and burgers, or just listen to live music and take down even more cocktails, which may eventually result in you running into something.