Affix glowsticks, run, drink

So somehow, someone messed up, and a race with thousands of toned people decked head-to-toe in psychedelic lights happened in that citadel of culture known as Omaha before it did in Miami. But now, the city's first Glow Run is here, so read up on everything you need to know before you glow:

  • The 3.1m course starts and ends at Lummus Park, and will be outfitted with various "black light zones" in which said glow will be the only thing visible, aside from all the gross stains on your bed that led the Room Raiders chick to reject you.
  • They'll provide all the glow you'd ever need, mostly in the form of the bendy sticks that you can ring around your head, neck, arms, side-abs, etc.
  • You can run on your own, or, if you're a popular person, as a team of at least four -- although only the first quartet through will count towards your official time, so you can stop being mean to your fat buddy Chet and invite him to this one.
  • The course'll be soundtracked by a DJ pumping top 40 dance mixes, so expect to also hear Neon Trees.
  • Whether you walk, crawl, or fist pump across the illuminated finish line, you'll score a glow-in-the-dark medal (duh), race tee, and access to the booze-filled after party.
  • For said party, Lummus will morph from park to beer garden with a DJ, huge dance area, and, whether you ran the race or not, tons and tons of beer, after which you'll surely be crossing lines of all sorts.