An entire arena of endless trampolines

Remember Discovery Zone? Well immediately forget it, because Sky Zone subbed out the ball pit, and the tube slide, and that cargo net you got your leg stuck in for 45 minutes at Bill Kearney's 21st birthday party, for what amounts to a massive Aggro Crag-less Guts set completely full of trampolines

Open Jump: After signing a waiver and strapping on "jumping shoes" that somehow aren't L.A. Gear Catapults, walk-ins are free to access a "Foam Zone" that allows you to flip/ dive/ belly flop into a giant pit of cushy cubes like you were a really ugly Nastia Liukin. Then hit the SkySlam area equipped with height-adjustable basketball hoops so you can channel your inner Slamball player, presumably Stan "Shakes" Fletcher of the Maulers

SkyZone -- The Sport: This one's essentially a combo of volleyball, soccer, hockey, football, and ramp skateboarding. The objective: score on targets that continuously rotate 360 degrees, just like in volleyball, soccer, hockey, football, and European ramp skateboarding

3D Dodgeball: Hit a separate court to launch yourself off tramp-walls while doing that old trick where you throw one ball up in the air, and the guy on the other teams goes for it, and you peg him in the face with a totally different ball. You can hit up a pick-up game, join a league, or rent it out with the very friends who kept you company until the firefighters showed up at DZ with the jaws of life.