The radio legend passes on, passes his stuff to you

You may not have heard, but Minneapolis radio personality Dark Star passed away recently... and if you did hear, it certainly wasn't through the soothing yet quick-witted repartee of a host you've trusted for 25 years. And while the silver lining is that you'll always have a piece of him in your heart, the even more valuable lining (the platinum lining?) is that you can also have a piece of him in your house, thanks to the Dark Star Estate Sale this weekend

Turns out dude was a bit of a collector, which means you can now get auction-low prices on everything from classic pinball machines, to posters from the Beatles' first-ever MN concert, to some of the most amazing sports memorabilia you'll ever see, and best of all, everything's available for you to peruse in photographic glory before heading out this weekend