Bike rental goes hi-tech, low-touch

Sure, everyone knows that bicycles are remarkable generators of locomotion and striated, almost creepily chiseled calves on people that otherwise aren't that jacked... but did you know that they can also generate income? It's true, thanks to Spinlister, which basically works like Airbnb for bikes, and -- after dominating NY and SF -- has just now launched in the Twin Cities to let you:Rent Out Your Bike: Just set up a little profile with your steed's deets (type, size, location), your preferred rates (eg. $10/hr, $25/day, $50000/ decade, etc) and your fave place to ride it, then wait. Once you're processed & approved (the hottest, mostly emotionally stable bikes accepted!) the offers will come rolling in; once you accept, the people-using-your-bike will come and over and then go rolling out. And they guarantee your two-wheeler up to 5K, adding that, in the event that it's lost or stolen, they'll even "buy you a cake".Rent Someone Else's Bike: Search by specs, size, proximity, and/or type of renter (person or shop), then submit your request with your proposed rental duration and suggested payment, though it's recommended that you not try to lowball the person who has the power to cut the brakes you're about to use.As far as payment goes, they'll group all the rental fees into a bi-weekly check that works via PayPal to ensure that things run smoothly, as opposed to people with disproportionately large calves, who just run sort of trundle-y.