Surprisingly sports-centric art

Taking the term "box score" a bit too literally, Ross & Gary's seemingly abstract prints look at first glance like the lovechild of an 8-bit video game and a DNA sequencing sheet, but are actually a collection of colorful squares that represent individual games throughout noteworthy seasons like those of the '27 Yanks, the '86 Mets, and the '05 RaysPiratesRockiesRoyalsMariners White Sox. The width of each square corresponds to the total number of runs scored, while the shade is the result of blending the two teams' colors based on how many were knocked in by each side. And if you don't dig a sport that has united fathers and sons for more than 100 years, then pick up a diagram of the '72-'73 Knicks, whose post-title celebrations likely spread a whole lot of DNA.