Woodgrain for your brain

Produced by a dude so obsessed with adventure sports they give him wood enough to whittle his own sunglasses and kayak paddles, Coyle's ruggedly sophisticated, military-grade, action-sports-ready helmets are naturally more energy absorbent than synthetic counterparts, and've been tested by the founder to the point of nearly drowning "a couple times". The deets: Prefab: Lined with ultra-durable agglomerated cork and fashioned from kiln-dried Douglas fir, the three standard options comprise the subtly brimmed Holz and its "significant skull coverage"; the light, low profile Legno; and the Madera, modeled after a skate helmet and avail with a foam lining for anyone worried about becoming a cork sucker.Custom: Built from the ground up to your specs from a rotating crop of exotic woods, you'll get to select your brim shape, hole pattern, and structure, in case it's "impossible to find a fit" for your head, though if you're talking about your wood, you may want to consider something synthetic.