Imagine the DMC-12 with pedals

When you purchase a brand known for being one of the biggest failures in history, it's normal to kill yourself take the company in a different direction, which's why the current owner of DeLorean is shifting from four wheels to two, collabing with the custom Italian frame-smiths at Sarto Antonio on a series of gull-wingtime-traveling bicycles handmade from the same stainless steel used inside the iconic DMC-12.Rocking front & rear disc brakes, an Italian-made gel saddle, and luminescent rims that appear to "turn on" in low light, the 11-speed Anyday ditches chains in favor of a smooth belt drive transmission that makes it easier to climb hills and "go faster on the flats", extra useful if their cover of "Life Is a Highway" comes on. They're also currently working on two models for more specific riders: the highly secretive "Cruise", and a drop-handlebar, roller chain'd, multi-gear road bike called the "Speed", though if it can't hit 88mph, it'll be a total failure.