A paintball Invasion of Normandy

Prove that Snooki isn't the only one who can get blasted for an entire weekend this Summer by driving a scant two hours to Skirmish USA, a paintball mecca whose 700-acres of deep woods, artificial cityscapes, downed helicopters, and tanks "make video games into real life", though hopefully not Bayou Billy, as real life shouldn't be impossible. What to expect

New Games: Check out "City Nights", a war between two teams based in separate city fields, with the battle waged throughout the expanse between 'em, and scenario game "Plague Wars", a murder mystery that somehow involves "Russian spy role playing", in which you will become a minor red-headed sex symbol and the butt of late-night talk show jokes before being deported to the other team

New Turf: Their labyrinthine, three-story Tippmann Castle just added a new siege tower, giving attacking teams easier access to the second floor and its excellent vantage point "if they have the balls"... the paint balls

Plus, if you head over the weekend of 7/14, you can take part in their annual, 4500-person recreation of the Invasion of Normandy, where teams will attack from five "landing craft" containers while getting sprayed by 500 snipers, then, in a nod to historical accuracy, celebrate at a party boasting various awards, a trade show, and a costume contest, because simply blasting people for an entire weekend would be bad for your Karma.