Get compliments on your sack

The biggest problem with camping gear: you spend a ton of money on it and then rarely use it, in spite of the fact that you're constantly pitching a tent. Hooking up outdoors-y awesomeness you'll actually use at a price you can schwing is Poler, now at Fishtown's Slingluff Gallery.

From a couple of Northwest board sport enthusiasts, Poler makes innovative, high-quality outdoor gear with a laid-back mindset, perfect for "people that have adventures all over the world while wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers", and never, ever get refused service at McDonald's. The coolness gets started with The Napsack, a wearable hooded sleeping bag with a soft microfiber lining, zippered side holes for your arms, chest & waist pockets, and a drawstring-tied foot that'll free your legs, getting you up and walking much easier than any other time you've been half in the bag. Other outdoors-y goods include The Rucksack (a '60s-looking jawn w/ a 15" laptop sleeve, removable side pouches & leather accents) and The Man Tent, a popup abode that's easily pitchable by yourself (natch) to showcase a full mesh canopy and an all-encompassing rain fly, entirely supported by lightweight aluminum poles, aka, the first enemies you attack in any Euro robot wars.

Still on their way are Poler's two-man tent and a line of tees, which include a handful sporting a recurring cyclops image, as one-eyed monsters are no strangers to your tent pitching.