Run for your life, and also to get in shape

Seeing as movies starring sarcastic British dudes and/or Cillian Murphy are generally correct, you can rest assured that the zombie apocalypse is nigh. Since you've already trained for the fighting and surviving elements, it's high time you brushed up on your fleeing skills in the first-ever Zombie Mud Run.

Reading's Willow Glen Park's ZMR takes full advantage of the venue's fall conversion to Shocktoberfest (Pennsylvania's premier haunted scream park!) by presenting an obstacle- & mud-riddled 5K that'll seriously dirty you up as you either chase or get chased through a field of tombstones. Choose to be a "human" for once in your life, and you'll be given a three-flagged belt representing your heart, organs, and delicious brain, then do your best to evade an undead horde while chugging through obstacle-filled stations like the pitch-black Power Plant, the 25ft-tall-towers-of-flame-containing Petro Station, and chainsaw-wielding-zombie den Saw Mill. Go the zombie route, and they'll give you some good emotionless-corpse makeup -- aka, the Kristen Stewart look -- before sending you out for a 2hr shift as a Creeper (slow-moving Romero zombie) or a Leaper (fast-moving Boyle zombie), during which you'll run/plod down humans and grab for their flags

Costumes're recommended, and while all participants get t-shirts, medals, and a comped beer at the post-run bash, you have to roll non-zombie to be eligible for one of the "Top Finisher" awards, also given to anyone who made it through a movie starring sarcastic British dudes not about zombies.