All the Philly sports minutiae you'll ever need

History is something pretty important for Philly, whether you're talking about the Independence Hall/American Revolution stuff, or just the countless hours spent watching the dudes get fatter on Pawn Stars. For a chronicle of the only past that really matters -- sports! -- check out PhillySportsHistory.

Just launched at the start of baseball season, PSH's a trivia-packed website spouting daily brain food for all the major Philly sports squads (including ones we regrettably don't have anymore), from the minds of several sports fiends including a trivia host/"true man of leisure" and a food writer, though anyone that concerned with fryers should really be focused on the Padres. Some recent fun:

The Day The Hammer Dropped 42 Posted as the Flyers were opening their playoff run, The Day's a 1976 playoffs performance against the Leafs in which 42 of 60min were spent in the penalty box by Dave "The Hammer" Schulz, who later claimed he was actually screwed.

Home Run Baker Nearly Kills Secretary Of State This bit recalls President Taft throwing out the first-ever Presidential first pitch as the Washington Senators squared off against the Philly A's, before the A's Baker blasted a foul ball that careened into the Presidential box and smacked the Secretary of State in the head, which concerned many, though Taft was just psyched to steal his Cracker Jacks in the ensuing shuffle.

The Miami Floridians and Their Beloved Ballgirls The site even throws out some opponent trivia, like a tale of the first Miami-based b-ball team, their bikini-clad ballgirls, and their string of awesomely odd promotions including distributing live turkeys around Thanksgiving, and offering 53 pumpkin pies to one lucky fan, who promptly had them stolen by President Taft in the ensuing shuffle.

PSH's churning out facts year-round as historical dates pass, like the day you gathered up all those Shirley Temple dolls, and turned from pawn amateur into a bona fide pawn star.