This gym has a bowling alley. Yep.

Quite possibly the greatest gym innovation since yoga pants (seriously, take a minute to Google "yoga pants"), Sweat Fitness & Frames is a new, two-story gym-cum-bowling alley (...??) in East Falls, with all the gym-ssentials up top (treadmills, free weights, pretty-much-anything-Drago-had-in-Rocky 4), and eight bona fide, BYO-Booze bowling lanes on the ground floor.

Six of the lanes're for regular-ol' pin-striking, and two are for Wednesday-night-only "workout" pin-striking, where you'll do a bunch of kettleball exercises (subbing "bowling" for "kettle"), then head over to the lanes for a workout that mixes knocking down pins with sets of squats/thrusts/pushups/pretty-much-anything-Drago-did-in-Rocky 4-except-probably-not-steroids

More on those six, non-workout lanes: they're housed in an aggro-punk'd, graffiti-strewn alley where each lane's lined in color-changing LED rope lights and features a flatscreen above and a touchscreen scoring pad below, making for the second most-effective method to really work one arm… behind, of course, Googling "yoga pants".