Feed your outdoorsy addictions

Like most of the best things in life, experiencing the great outdoors is still free... as long as you stay away from most state/ national parks, and return those Cozy Creek River Chairs to Costco right after you're caught freeloading in your preferred State/National park. Ensuring at least your gear is as free as possible, Activejunky. Back in action after an extensive reworking, Junky's loaded with new features to let users comparison-shop over 100 popular outfitters, and receive cash back for purchasing items from tech-y sleeping bags, to tricked-out mountain bikes, even though most mountain bikes never tire of having sex with prostitutes. Purchasable items can be searched for by outfitter (Patagonia, North Face, etc.) or type, and no matter what you buy AJ'll take 5-10% and either cut you a check, deposit it into a PayPal account, or, if you'd like, donate directly to The Nature Conservancy... hahaha, yeah righ -- oh wait, they're serious. And when you're done buying Crocodile Miles, The Fix blog will keep you apprised of all the latest nature-y media breaks, from updates on Boa footwear technology, to can't-live-withouts like the super-compact Whistle for Life, which people only tend to do if, on that first spin, they get to be a doctor or a lawyer. On top of all that, they also plan to soon reward users who take the time to review products, and ply even more avid users with TBD prizes, which better not be a freakin' Cozy Creek, as Costco already refused to take back the one you'd parked yourself in.