SD native pays homage to his passion...and sells some boards (VIDEO)

Published On 06/09/2011 Published On 06/09/2011
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1. Bird's Surf SHED 1091 W Morena Blvd, San Diego, CA 92110

Because it sometimes feels like SD has more surf shops than surfers, the chances of opening a truly unique board haven are usually, like noted big-wave surfer Bret Easton Ellis's first book, Less Than Zero. But the legendary San Diego-born dude behind Bird's Surf SHED (who also gives you the daily surf report) somehow managed to pull it off anyway by slinging sticks, wetsuits, and board shorts in a huge sheet-metal hangar lined wall-to-concave-ceiling with what looks like the barrel of a giant wave made exclusively of boards, each of which "has a story", though it better not be Neverending, you've got surfing to do.