Ping Pong + Germany + Teams + Booze

Even though the first things you think about when you hear Berlin are walls and… yeah, walls, you're gonna want to update your stereotypes with the just-now-taking-entries Berlin-Style Ping Pong League, taking place at everyone's favorite ironic mustablishment, Dear Mom

Still have questions? Luckily, we've asked/answered them for you

What's Berlin-Style Ping Pong anyway? Well, you start with the traditional game, add 18 more people, a drink in your hand, a rapidly moving counter-clockwise rotation after each paddle hit, and an elimination of whoever misses, then finish with a final best 2-out-of-3 once the game is down to the last two players

How do I get in on this? You have two options: 1) Form a four-person team, then either all pay together, or have each person register separately and enter the same team name, because God forbid David puts in extra money and has to be paid back later. 2) Register solo and you'll be matched up with three other players to make your own cool David-less team

Anything else? Yep, the league starts Mon, October 8th, so definitely make sure you register before you get walled out.