A thoughtful sitdown with the Best. Manager. Ever.

What's your favorite Opening Day memory? My first year as manager of the Dodgers. I said to myself, "this is a reward for the hard work I did in the minor leagues for eight years". It was a very very special opening day, and of course we won it. I won my first game and my last game!

Is there a player that stands out as the one you most enjoyed managing in your career? When I was 14 years old, I went with my father to visit some family. This guy said, "Sam, you have five sons -- which one of those sons do you like the best?" I thought my father would say me! He thought for a moment, and then he raised his hand, and said, "which one of those fingers do you like the best?"

In Dodgertown, there's a street named Lasorda Lane. Are there any special privileges that come with having a street named after you? You get to put your name up on the street! People when they're looking for streets, they're looking for purposes [editor's note: ??]; they look up and see "Lasorda Lane" -- that's huge.

In some sports, the coaches give the players different rules before games...no drinking, no sex with their wives... [Interrupts, aghast] Wait, you can't have sex with your wife?!?

In some sports they have these superstitions before games. Where have you ever heard that?!? That the coach tells you not to do it? I think you're wrong, there, pal.

Is there any spot in LA that you think defines the city as much as you do? I've been eating at Paul's Kitchen for over 40 years -- they're great to me. You've got to order the Lasorda Special!

What's in the Lasorda Special? You'll have to go to find out. [editor's note: War Wonton Soup, Egg Rolls, BBQ Sparerib, Asparagus Beef, Kung Pao Chicken, and Special House Fried Rice for $11 bucks. Wow, gross.]

Was it a bigger honor to have a street named after you, or a dish on a menu? Well, anything that has to do with food, I'm proud of that.