Work out, without the gym (VIDEO)

Gym equipment is great, because you can get a crazy workout that yo--ewww, wait a sec -- did a dude with scabies just get on that elliptical?!? Probably not, but don't even take the chance that he could, with gym-level equipment outside, from Streetstrider Venice

Opening its first West Coast brick & mortar location today, Streetstrider's a company that makes elliptical-ish modes of transport that look kinda like mutant bikes but give a workout so hardcore, they've been endorsed by The Biggest Loser, though really, it's up to you whether or not to trust Jamie Kennedy. The three-speed workout thingie's got three wheels (two in front, one in back) and two handles attached to two pedal-type contraptions; working it essentially means taking long strides with a slight side-to-side motion that they describe as "like skiing", which's perfect for Venice, since most people who live out there know a lot about snow -- wait, that's because it's a drug reference? Oh. Anyway, though it seems nutso, benefits outweigh other outdoorsy activities: since there's no seat, it doesn't negatively affect posture like biking, and because of the range of motion, you don't need to worry about it messing up your knees, so Greg Oden should probably consider playing bball on one of these things.

The store offers rentals by the hour, day, or week, as well as 1-on-1 training lessons and Streetstriders for sale, so you can get your own crazy workout in the privacy of -- oh god, what's he doing now, going in your garage?!?