Stake Your Fame

Every group of friends has one guy who's maybe just a little better looking than the rest. Ride that handsome bastard to fame, glory, and a free trip to LA, with the Entourage "Make a Friend Famous" contest.

Slyly unleashed to coincide with Sunday's Entourage premiere (10:30pm on HBO), the MAFF contest rewards a successful "manager/client" team not only with an all-expenses-paid jaunt to Los Angeles, but also a billboard flaunting your good-looking/very good-looking mugs to the entire city. To win, managers create a profile of their client via the Entourage Facebook page, complete with pics, videos, and a moving essay on why their client deserves to be famous -- feel free to stretch the truth until the truth's spine is like three inches longer. The winner's determined by public voting open to anyone on Facebook, terrifyingly a group that now includes your dad.

Of course, that handsome bastard might be you, in which case, tap your craftiest friend to manage your campaign. Visit the Entourage Facebook page to sign up -- and don't forget your calf implants.

Entourage premieres Sunday at 10:30pm, only on HBO. Watch it. Sign up for the contest at, because by God, you deserve your shot.