These 9 Refreshing Canned Brunch Cocktails Will Improve Your Mornings

By Jess Mayhugh Food & Drink  |  No Hassle Mimosas!

Just pop the top of these bright and refreshing concoctions (some with alcohol, some without) and you have yourself a fancy, premade brunch cocktail in seconds. Here are nine of our favorites.

Fauxmosa Grapefruit

We like the bitter tang of the 100-calorie Grapefruit version, which uses chardonnay and grenache grapes, rio red grapefruit, apple cider vinegar, and aromatic holy basil.

Two Chicks Lemon & Lime Cocktail

We opted for the classic Lemon & Lime Sparkling Citrus Margarita, which is tangy, tart, and agave forward—and makes us wish all our margaritas had bubbles moving forward.

Ohza Mango Mimosa

The company’s bread-and-butter is canned mimosas (though it makes a Bellini as well) using sparkling wine and fresh juices, including cranberry, orange, and mango.

Vervet Pale Mary

To satisfy everyone, Cali company Vervet has come up with the Pale Mary, made with Wilder Gin, light tomato water, celery bitters, habanero peppers, and Salicornia green salt.

Hunni Soju Peach + Chili Pepper

The 100-calorie, 4%-ABV Peach and Chili Pepper reminds us of a brunch bellini with a little chili pepper kick and a touch of sweet yuzu.

Five Drinks Watermelon and Vodka Soda

Our preferred flavor uses real juice from watermelons, limes, monk fruit, and some carbonated basil water for a canned beverage akin to spa water.

Whistle Pig’s Session Citrus Mint

The adorably named PiggyBack craft cocktails blend 100% estate rye whiskey and barrel-aged fruit to make these potent, ready-to-drink blends.

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