The Best Cities in America for Next-Level Cannabis Experiences

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With the help of our most trusted cannabis explorers around the US, we rounded up the places for your next heady adventure. Be sure to bookmark this story, just in case something might compel you to forget to visit one of America's best cannabis destinations.

Los Angeles, California

There are cannabis-centric events from Hazy and Grassfed and, for the biggest of aficionados, opportunities to visit a local grow-op as part of LA Hemp Tours or get far out in a glass-blowing factory with Tommy Chong on Green Tours.

Boulder, Colorado

Hit up a ganja yoga class during your visit, treat yourself to a cannabis-infused massage, try staying at a smoke-friendly hotel, or opt for a full-on Weed Tour if you’re ready to go all-out. 

Santa Fe, New Mexico

If you'd prefer to just chill with a hot spring soak and a massage treatment in a Japanese onsen-style resort, head to Ten Thousand Waves for some serious R&R just 20 minutes from downtown. It hardly gets more soothing than a smoke-and-spa sesh.

Anchorage, Alaska

In Anchorage, cannabis is legal and readily available in a mature market with a surprising variety of high-end and low-cost options across consumption types. It’s a natural accessory for a lifestyle centered around adventure travel.

Chicago, Illinois

Let the plant be your guide and pick up GTI’s Brown Scout strain, testing at a pleasantly heady 30% THC, or any of local James Beard-winning chef Mindy Segal’s groundbreaking artisanal edibles. 

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor is Michigan’s most stoned city. There are more than two dozen shops to choose from; start with Exclusive Ann Arbor Marijuana and Cannabis Dispensary and 3Fifteen Cannabis Dispensary before working through the rest.

Portland, Oregon

If you’re feeling experiential, check out the aesthetically artful, gallery-like Serra stores, or the 1960s time capsule that is Electric Lettuce.

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