By Bruce Northam

10 Countries Where You Can Live for Under $1,000 a Month

If you're thinking of starting up somewhere else for the YOLO of it, don't let cost stand in your way. The US government pegs the poverty line a bit beyond $12,000 a year for a childless person. That will buy you a full year of wonders in one of these 10 countries.

In any of these, $1,000 a month covers housing and food, as well as access to adventures that chumps with much fatter salaries can only imagine.


Bolivia remains an even greater bargain than backpacker sanctuaries like Cambodia. La Paz (elevation 12,000ft), the world's highest capital city, is where frugal long-term travelers crisscrossing South America hang their hats and regroup. Giveaway alcohol prices and all-night dance joints are a welcome reprieve from the city's hectic street scene.

What you'll save on: Once you stomach the $160 cost of a visa, everything is ultra-cheap.


Westerners will be pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness, safety, rambunctious nightlife, and genuinely lovely people in Georgia, a former Soviet republic that gives “cheap” an entirely new meaning. In the capital of Tbilisi, the Old City overflows with cafés and trendy wine bars (a nice bottle goes for $5).

What you'll save on: Nightlife, without skimping, in one of the world’s greatest club scenes.


For such a small country there’s a surprising amount of gorgeous coastline. You can also head to the mountains to swim in pristine lakes or hike through the many national parks. But the real fun happens in Podgorica's sprawling open-air restaurants overlooking the cooling Morača River, where ethno folk bands with accordions and harmonicas take center stage.

What you'll save on: A two-hour bus ride crossing a remarkable mountain range separating Adriatic coast with inland capital runs just $7.


Getting healthy here is easy and cheap. The locals are gracious and dapper, quick to share a smile. Keep your guard up, but don’t close yourself off -- the economy continues to struggle (and use US dollars), but the chance of someone hassling you in the Victoria Falls region is slim.

What you'll save on: Bragging rights. Who the hell else do you know who's been here?

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