By Anastacia Uriegas
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Pollinators in Big Cities

Urban Beekeepers

Are Helping Keep

 not a thriving colony of bees.

When you think of city wildlife, pigeons and rats probably come to mind ...

But it turns out that bees, like humans, can actually thrive in urban areas.

big cities have a buffet of different flowers and trees to choose from.

Bees like a diversity of plants, and surprisingly, 

to the Egyptians, but the tradition is currently having a renaissance.

The art of beekeeping is a practice that goes back thousands of years

there are currently well over 100,000 beekeepers within the United States.

According to the National Honey Board, 

plant native flowers in your city, in your backyard or on your rooftop. 

If beekeeping isn't for you, that’s okay. 

There are other things to help the bees: 

native bees, yellow jackets, and hornets.

Learn about bees and the ways in which they support our food systems, 

and educate yourself about the differences between 

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