Studio Herisson

What's on your walls says a lot about who you are, specifically "I am the type of person who's willing to purchase and dress Paul Wall's entire family". Giving you the power to make your walls say "my GF had nothing to do with this", Studio Herisson.Just started in Laguna by two expat Brits with ties to the "action sports world" (sorry, baseball) SH's an online repository of artsy, particularly man-friendly wallpaperings, all thoroughly customizable with an online tool -- so...Daniel Tosh? Using it's simple: first, choose a pattern from their massive list of design house-curated selections; then, set your wall size, and from there you can manipulate both the colors and the pattern scale, which is also the tentative name of the Project Runway/ Biggest Loser crossover show. Designs themselves include everything from the Jackson Pollack splatter-esque "Blobby", to "Where Eagles Dare" (essentially an 8-bit bird being carried off by space invaders), to the combination skull and chandelier... "Skuldelier", to the camo-like "Hidden", also how Charlie Sheen always answers the question, "Where are your hookers?" Just kidding, they're right there. There's also a few super-weird designs with odd-looking cartoon characters (including "Monsters Inc" with all sorts of blob-like menaces), and each of the papers is self-applicable with a proprietary, water-based adhesive, so you don't have to worry that it'll Get Draped Up and Drip out.