The famed Alabama designer's new White Provisions shop

There are countless occasions on which you really need to look Southern man, and since nobody ever wants to look like Neil Young, the place you need to hit is Billy Reid's new Westside shop. The Louisiana-born, Alabama-based designer has been making seersuckery waves since 1998, and will dapper you up in everything from houndstooth suits fit for Bacchanalia, to dozens of crazy-high-quality, Italian-made shirts in cuts ranging from slim to "full", so clearly they've been to Bacchanalia too.Some things worth knowing about Billy and his threads:

  • Before going solo, he worked for Saks and brands like Reebok, and now always makes mo' joe after he kills it, to avoid the wrath of Terry Tate, Office Linebacker
  • Upon launching in '98 he promptly won the CFDA "Best New Menswear Designer" award, and acronyms are always important-sounding
  • He terms his look "lo-fi Southern", proving he's really cool
  • Although they're often confused for each other, he is not in fact the Billy Reid who batted .243 over 19 games for the Pittsburgh Alleghenys in 1884
  • When you drop in to shop, you'll be offered a totally gratis glass of bourbon
  • He also peddles super-manly heavy leather duffels, ranging from $750 jobs to almost $10k models made from gator, something that unfortunately does look like Neil Young