Shirts with rifles, dinos, and Krang

Because you definitely don't have enough shirts with dinosaurs literally turning into birds, Inman Park's Arrows prints up soft cotton tees repping badassedly modified animals, ATL art galleries, and other blessed craziness, and is run by dudes who say they look like the combination of "if you combined a clothing company, a hippie commune, and a revolutionary army" -- so...a dude who prints his own tie-dyed Che Guevara shirts? Highlights:Sacred Krang: The best villain from Ninja Turtles, outside of that Creole alligator, finally gets the body he always wanted: a jacked alien-Dalai Lama-ish dude with a tuning fork for hair. On second thought, he totally looked better as just a brain.Awesome: Is just that, a hand-sketched collage featuring everything from ray guns, to booze, to Wizards, even though many would argue that once you consider his contract and refusal to play inside the three-point line, Rashard Lewis is actually only "OK".Chains: A giant squid with chains for tentacles that're each attached to an anchor, who won't ever win you that relay race when they're dragging a massive cephalopod.They're also a full-service printing shop, meaning you can bring in your own designs and get them slapped on their tees, plus everything from hoodies to tote bags, because you also don't have enough tote bags. Because you have none.