Manly grooming products, made with things classic men loved

Published On 01/16/2012 Published On 01/16/2012

Thankfully not panning your face for precious gold, Prospector's a line of small-batch, all-natural facial grooming products inspired by actual, hardy turn-of-the-century men/ bearded ladies. All goods are hand-concocted and inspired by said dudes’ life stories (as told by old apothecary books and really, really old people who can still remember stuff) by the owners of Savannah-based vintage goods/ gear/ wine shop Arc, who’ve put them up for sale online.

Get anciently handsome with:

Pre-shave: Spray-on shaving oil is balsam-/ sandalwood-/ cedarwood-scented, packed with vitamin E-heavy grapeseed and kukui nut oils, and named after famed 19th century-born bearded lady Miss Annie Jones, who worked for P.T. Barnum, collecting ticket stubs. Just kidding! As a bearded lady.

Aftershave: Splash on witch hazel-based potions like the summer-y aloe & sandalwood /grapefruit/ orange essential oil named K.C. Atwood (the American citrus grove pioneer), or get chillier with the maritime-esque cedar water/ coriander/ bay leaf Peary & Henson, who in 1909 were the first dudes to reach the North Pole along with four eskimos, as that's one of the few hikes where you can keep those delicious ice cream pies cold.

Moisturize: Finish with the argan/ cedarwood Burroughs beard oil named for influential nature scribe John, who wrote about the virtue of those who live alone in the woods and "find life sweet" in his book Indoor Studies, which was widely panned...when it was found floating down rivers, instead of precious gold.