Spring Threads

While Spring showed up in the middle of Winter, the clothes designed for it didn't. But now they've arrived, making it the perfect time to ditch your Life is Good collection that makes your life really, really bad, and gear up with some fresh looks.

To help, we had ATL gear-master Ken Barber piece together a unique ensemble for Spring that won't make everyone who sees you recoil. To get up on it, take a look at our slideshow by clicking below.

These private label, double-breasted blazers are made-to-measure, but it's you that'll look like the ruler

One-of-a-kind wrist wear, locally made using cowhide, deerskin, stainless steel, and wrists

Look like you didn't go broke playing Pai Gow again, with this steel-gray cotton cap with an embroidered spade

This lion-inspired line of durable stretch-cotton tees will have you feeling like the mane

The motivation for this leather satchel came from industrial medicine bags from the '50s

These locally designed straight-fits are clean without "a lot of bells & whistles", yet give you a look that's very sound

Hit Ken Barber's West Midtown shop to get the whole look

Hit Ken Barber's West Midtown shop to get the whole look