American-made stuff-carriers that'll last 'til they're very old

Published On 10/03/2011 Published On 10/03/2011

For a bag that'll keep throwing heat well into its 50s -- or possibly 60s, if you don't trust its birth-hospital records -- hit up Satchel & Page: a rugged line of carryalls from a UT alum inspired by a shoulder-strap breaking while on a trip to Tokyo, and named after Hall of Fame pitcher Leroy "Satchel" Paige.

The goods are hand-crafted and American-made, with construction features like waterproof waxed canvas bodies, oil-tanned leather accents, vintage YKK zippers, rugged shoulder straps, and padded laptop compartments, and are available in two models: The Austin Messenger in slate, tan, or black, with a V-shaped leather buttoning system; and L'Posto Messenger, a vintage-courier-inspired number embellished by postal stamps from the early 1900s, before going postal meant "filing for bankruptcy".

For unfortunates carrying a slightly smaller package they've also got a murse-like iPad bag, or you can hold your thoughts in journals (whose leather covers emulate passports from Japan, the US, Italy, and Israel), or even deck your walls with their vintage-y travel posters depicting destinations like the Greek Isles, known most recently for "going postal".

Although the bags're currently only available online, Satchel plans to expand to retail stores with new models including briefcases, an accessory that, even if you're a rookie in the business world, will have you looking like you're 42.



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