South by Southwestern style

Add Southern comfort to your wardrobe without resorting to a flask at the new Billy Reid store: an ornately curated, mahogany-rich West 6th outpost that looks straight out of the vaunted designer's hometown of Florence, Alabama, birthplace of everyone from "Father of the Blues" W.C. Handy to the Drive-By Truckers' Patterson Hood, plus six or seven other pretty famous people.The current collection takes Reid's finely tailored, new-Southern-gentleman aesthetic and adds a touch of 1920s Paris, possibly a subtle nod to the movie where Owen Wilson hung out there, during the hour after which people let it all hang out. Click here to see photos of the wondrous space and your-closet-worthy clothing, then stop by in person, and you'll be greeted with a snifter of something often found in a flask.