Brimming with style

The most difficult hat trick to pull off is finding one that doesn't make strangers want to kick you. Cover your head and your ass at Goorin Bros.: a haberdasher of the oldest school (est. 1895) that just opened its first TX storefront on South Congress, where customers not named Dan Aykroyd or Jane Curtin can steam-shape purchases to fit the contours of their heads. Just a few of their offerings

  • Early 1900s-style five-panel baseball caps that'll make an Honus man of you yet
  • Panamas hand-woven from Ecuadorian reed
  • Gatsbys, which'll look Great even though the only thing you've ever bootlegged is your jeans
  • Fedoras like the Charlie Sheen-favorite (really, he buys 10 at a time) Seaworthy, with a black straw triangle top and red/black/yellow band
  • Flatcaps like those once worn by cabbies, so you can finally steal your best friend's girl, then say "all's fare in love and war"...followed by him saying "what the hell are you talking about?" and you saying "um... nothing, wanna go to Nasty's?"

Even if you hate hats, you can get your 10-gallon on at weekly Thirsty Thursday parties complete with DJs and cocktails, which any girl will tell you make you very difficult to pull off.